Takeover Tuesday: Charis Ramsing

2017 Karen A. Holbrook Award Recipient

Hi everyone! My name is Charis and I’m a fourth year Plant Pathology major, (yes, plants can get sick). I study rice diseases in a Plant Path lab here at OSU, but this summer I got to spend almost three months studying Rice Blast in the Philippines at the International Rice Research Institute! I’m here today for Takeover Tuesday to share my experience with you!

Before I get into my research, and distract you with how gorgeous the Philippines are, here’s a bit about why I study rice 🌾 in the first place!


I couldn’t do takeover without showing off IRRI’s campus. This is one of my favorite pictures it because 1. It’s gorgeous. 2. It features Berlaine, my queen of a supervisor. She lead me through my project and was an incredible friend. I couldn’t have done this without her!


Now to my research! As I mentioned before, I study Rice Blast, a super damaging rice disease caused by the fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Blast is crazy hard to control so this summer I studied if horizontal resistance can be a part of a potential solution to the disease! IRRI already 3 resistance genes bred into the plants when I arrived, but it was my job to sow the almost fixed seeds, genotype them, and finally inoculate them to test for resistance!


Here I am with some of my rice babies ready for evaluation!
Two weeks after punch inoculation with M.oryzae, the rice plants are ready to be evaluated! We examined each leaf for lesion size to determine if the plant was resistant or susceptible to Rice Blast!


Swipe for a water buffalo! My dream came true when I finally got my feet in a real rice paddy! While I’ve been growing rice in greenhouses for years, getting in the field was incredible #osu #ohiostate #undergradresearch #rice#irri #plantpathology #ugresearch #buckeyes


Thanks so much for following along with me today! I cannot express how thankful I am to OUR&CI, my lab, and IRRI, for making my research possible! To anyone out there thinking about doing research… Just do it!! It doesn’t matter if you’re 8,526 miles away or right here at OSU, you’ll learn more than you can ever imagine!

#ugresearch #undergradresearch #ohiostate#buckeyes #rice #philippines #irri#plantpathology

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