2018 SIICUSP Brazil Conference

The University of São Paulo’s International Symposium of Undergraduate Research  (SIICUSP) is an annual event where undergraduate students from all over the world can present their research. This year  The Ohio State University’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry,  has selected six students to represent OSU at the conference. The conference will take place at the University of São Paulo between November 22nd and 23rd. The hope is that experiences such as this might help OSU students showcase their research on an international level and collaborate with other individuals on a multidisciplinary level.

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Ivan PiresIvan Pires

 I am excited to present at SIICUSP experience showing my work to researchers in my home country. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to see what research is being conducted in Brazil.

Major: Chemical Engineering

Research Title: Photodynamic Potential of Apohemoglobin bound Phthalocyanines for Targeting CD163+ Tumor Associated Macrophages in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andre Palmer


Riley Mullins

file-37I am excited to learn about the diverse areas of research outside of biomedical research, which is my focus. I also look forward to exploring Brazil and learning from other undergraduate  researchers at the conference.

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Title: Anti-androgen Galeterone Reduces Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Viability by Down Regulating Androgen Receptor and mTOR Signaling

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Coss


Hailey ShoemakerHailey

I am excited to present at the 2018 SIICUSP Brazil Conference because I truly enjoy being able to represent OSU, and enjoy talking about my research and the general importance of antibiotic usage in agriculture and efficient, safe livestock-meat production… and it’s exciting to be able to do so in another country!

Major: Meat Science

Research Title:  The Effects of Antibiotic Alternatives on Feed Efficiency, Growth Performance, and Carcass Traits in Swine

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lyda Garcia