3MT® Competition, 2018 Autumn Festival

The 3-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®) was originally founded by the University of Queensland in 2008. The 3MT® Competition encourages students to effectively explain their research to a non-specialist audience, within just 3 minutes. On November 1st, 2018, the OUR&CI hosted a 3 Minute Thesis Competition, as part of the 2018 Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival. Over 30 undergraduates participated in the event! OSU undergraduates were judged by OSU’s very own faculty and staff, across a range of departments. All 3 Minute Thesis presentations were presented by category. These categories included: Improving Human Health, Emerging Issues in STEM, and  Lived Experiences of Human Societies.  Discover more about some of our 2018 Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival 3 Minute Thesis First Place Winners below!


  Isaiah Johnson’ 19

 Lived Experiences of Human Societies 

Title: The Great Mediator

Faculty Mentor: Beth Kattelman (Theatre Research Institute)


pic 3


Congratulations to our other 2018 Autumn 3MT® Competition Winners!

Lived Experiences of Human Societies

First Place: Isaiah Johnson, Political Science, Theatre

Second Place: Sydney Clark, Psychology

Third Place: Emma Megla, Neuroscience


Emerging Issues in STEM

First Place: Alexandra Smith, Earth Sciences

Second Place: Stephen Gant, Physics

Third Place: Hilary Kordecki/Nick Kruse, Animal Sciences/ Food, Agri & Biological Eng


Improving Human Health

First Place: Camille Bratton, Biology

Second Place: Melanie Sich, Biomedical Engineering

Third Place: Scott Stuckey, Biomedical Engineering


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